Drop Off Wash & Fold Laundry Service in Savannah

We know your time is important, and that you value convenience.  With our fast and easy laundry drop off service, you will save hours each week.  Spend your weekends doing things you love, with the people you love, rather than wasting the day doing laundry. With our advanced software system, we can remember your laundry preferences and we will automatically text you when your wash & fold laundry is ready to be picked up.

In addition to our regular detergents and fabric softener, we offer fragrance free and hypo allergenic detergent.  We separate whites from colors, and we never wash your laundry with other customer's laundry.  Orders can be customized  anyway you'd like.  Do you prefer your clothes to be washed in only cold water? Do you want your clothes dried on low heat? Not a problem at all! We can enter all of your preferences into your profile on our software system and we will know each visit how you like things.  We accept credit cards and cash. Get your laundry washed, dried and folded today!

Wash & Fold Price List

24-48 hr
Per Pound
Same Day
Per Pound
  • All Size Comforters $38.50
  • All Size Down Comforters $40.00